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Parked in America is a half-hour dramedy following Jamie Park, a Korean teenager, who moves in with her relatives in Illinois after a family tragedy strikes back at home in Seoul. There, she meets her cousin Eli, and together they navigate high school while struggling with identity, guilt, and grief.

Message From Our Showrunner

Greetings Website Visitors!

Thank you so much for checking out our site! Parked in America is deeply rooted in my experiences with my culture, relationships, guilt, and grief. The story is heavily inspired by my personal experience as a Korean American and the experiences of my mother and grandmother as Korean immigrants. I wrote this story because I felt the need to share our story with the world, and to express my gratitude to these two women who continue to shape my identity and teach me what it means to be Korean. I’m the daughter of a Korean immigrant and a white midwesterner, so growing up existing between two worlds has given me many experiences that have not yet been portrayed on screen that I feel like others who look like me can relate to.

Coming off of recent successes at the box office, it’s clear that representation matters, and people need to see themselves on the big screen. However, Asian stories are still some of the least represented in the media. With this project, my hope is to tell an authentic story that can reach all audiences, Asian American or otherwise.

Most importantly, this series is about embracing differences. In this divisive time in our history, I think we all need a reminder that we are one, big, dysfunctional family, like the Barnes and Park families in our show.

I am so proud of our representation both on screen and in our crew, as most of our key crew members identify as Asian or Asian American. I believe it’s so important for creatives to bring their own personal experiences to the work in order to tell an authentic story. I hope you enjoy your stay on our site!

Kayla Yumi Lewis

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Cast and Creatives

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